Vitamins, Baneggcakes and a Deconstructed Sandwich

Today was another busy day, and I am running low on energy. At yesterday’s doctor’s appointment I was told another doctor had discovered I was low in iron, B12 and D (which was disappointing because yet another doctor had told me a few months ago my vitamin D levels were normal, though most people are actually deficient there- I was so proud) and recommended vitamin supplementation. This morning I had my first dose of said vitamins so hopefully they help restore some of my missing energy.

My stomach is sensitive to medicines so I always take them with food. This morning my medicines and vitamins were taken with one of my favorite healthy breakfasts ever: BANEGGCAKES! I gave these little beauties this name because they are made with 1 banana and 2 eggs, but are like a pancake. Get it? Ban-egg-cakes! Genius! Actually, whoever created this recipe is the true genius. I also like to add in a sprinkle of cinnamon (which I also do to my coffee). You could also add vanilla or stevia for extra sweetness, or anything else you fancy. I don’t like to add blueberries when cooking because it makes them unmanageable, so I just have them on the side.  Today’s breakfast totaled about 280 calories. (1 banana- 105, 2 eggs- 140, 1/4 c. blueberries- 20, and 1/4 c. almond milk with coffee- 15.)

IMG_3383_2I love sandwiches and my favorite is turkey, bacon, and avocado, but when you’re being conscious of you calorie intake it’s hard to keep things reasonable with the bacon, avocado, and bread. However, if you throw all your favorite sandwich fillings into a salad, well…you get something that looks like this and totals about 290 calories! This is 2 c. salad greens (I used a spinach and arugula mix), 2 oz. turkey, 2 pieces turkey bacon, 1/4 avocado, 10 cherry tomatoes, and 1 Tbsp. dressing (I used this kind). (Greens- 14, turkey- 60, turkey bacon- 70, avocado- 80, cherry tomatoes- 31, dressing- 35.) IMG_3384_2

I always  need a small snack to sustain me between lunch and dinner, don’t you? I like to keep things simple and try to pick things I can throw in my purse and eat on the go if necessary. Today I had an apple and 10 almonds, plus a full glass of ice water (I was incredibly thirsty). This snack came in at 150 calories. (Apple- 80, almonds- 70). IMG_3390_1I try to eat salmon at least twice a week. I thought that was why the one doctor commented on my vitamin D levels being normal, but I guess not 😦 Regardless, it’s so healthy (also a wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids) and delicious, in my opinion (I’m aware LOTS of people don’t like it).

Tonight for dinner I tried a new salmon recipe from Frugality Gal, which you can find here. Instead of baking in the oven I used my grill. We grill a lot around here because it doesn’t heat up the house, is easy, and my husband believes, TRULY believes, everything tastes better when grilled. I used the same baking time but that didn’t work out well. The salmon was over-cooked and the asparagus were very limp (I like a little crunch). Next time I will either turn the heat down or cook it for significantly less time.

The only other thing I did differently was add lemon zest to the asparagus, which I highly recommend because it made it taste so fresh and delicious. I baked a sweet potato (using both the microwave and grill) and had half with dinner. I’m saving the other half to have later in the week. According to Frugality Gal’s website, the entire foil package totaled 240 calories, and with half the baked sweet potato the meal clocked in at about 315 calories.

IMG_3394_1I’ve already had a piece of dark chocolate, but can still have either ice cream or a glass of wine tonight, according to my meal plan. As of right now, without either of those yet digesting in my belly, my day’s calories totaled 1077. Since I try to never ever eat less than 1200 calories in a day, I will definitely be indulging in some ice cream and maybe an extra piece of chocolate (or two)!

*UPDATE: I did have ice cream and a piece of chocolate which brought my daily total to 1222 calories!

In addition to eating healthy and sticking to my meal plan, I also took my dog on 2 walks (which is not an activity that gets my heart rate up, unfortunately) and completed 2 rounds of my strength routine, which can be found here.

Do any of these meals inspire you to eat a little healthier, or convince you eating healthy can actually be delicious? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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